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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creepy/Cute Nail Art BLUESEA-RL10D

So I got some products for review last week and I already used the AWESOME nail foil. KKCenterHK also sent me these cool little eyeballs. They fall under a category they call bluesea, which I assume is some term I am not familiar with that means raised sticker decall thing. They arent stickers persay but they remind me of those stickers that are covered in the semi-hard gel to make them cabochon like... gosh this explaination is killing me! Heres a close up picture:

These are a hard plastic cab eye, pretty cool if you ask me! They have a bunch of other ones that are a lot more conventional like bows and butterflies and little square picture things. Go to their website and you can find them with the product number BLUESEA-RL10D or just click here for a direct link they are called Roundlet Eyeball.

So I picked a gruesome product so I could do this idea I have had in my mind for forever of gruesome kawaii-like creatures. I wanted blood, gore, zombification, and whatever. This is what I came up with:

I tried to match the eyeball with his other eyeball and make it look like it was hanging on, if i had added some red string or something it might have looked a bit better. But I like the way it turned out!

Want to see the rest? Of course you do!

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I am super thrilled with how these came out. So the thumb nail is a bunny with an eyepatch:

You cant see it very well but he's got pinked cheeks and ears... super adorable! Then next guy is a punk zombicorn (unicorn)

Hes got bloodshot eyes, dirty blood covered teeth, and a gothic spike/stud for a horn. EEk he might be my favorite. The middle finger has the cute little dude with his eyeball handing out. The ring finger is a nondescript purple dude with a knife stabbing him.

He was a toughie, It took some real persuasion to get my little brother to part with a lego knife when he knew I was going to cut the blade off... yeesh. But I think it was pretty worth it! The last guy is a little dead Nemo

Hes got a little hook hanging out of his mouth and his last dying bubbles are drifting upwards!

So overall I really liked these nails. The eyeball was just what I was looking for. The only drawback is that mine is not re-usable the eyeball design has no protection and peeled right off when I pulled it from the nail... maybe there is a better way to use it... maybe a bit of topcoat to seal it in?
Either way I dont mind four bucks for a really specific one use item... I would rather it be multi use but it is what it is. You guys can get 10% off your order if you use the code NAILFREAK now until the end of next January.

What do you think of my morbid mani, cute right?

})i({ -Amy


  1. OH GOD! I know you said its a knife, but when I first saw it, I was like "SHE HAS A TINY BLACK PENIS ON HER NAIL!"

    Talk about controversial.

    1. Oh boo, you are the second person to say that.... dammit

  2. these are amazing. I love them. And uhm, yes, that looks like a penis. hahaha