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Friday, June 21, 2013

Im still alive

So I have had a super hectic month... I havent really bought much polish not to mention polish for the monthly giveaway which will sadly not be happening. I have just gone through so many changes lately and its just overwhelming. I had my first panic attack last week and totally for reals thought I was going to die. A friend of mine force fed me a Xanax and about an hour later all was better. So here are some random pictures and the song I have been listening to non stop, and I promise next month's giveaway with be the tits!

all right, that will about catch you up... see you next month for a giveaway, I'll do something super fancy to make up for my absense... maybe two winners or something. give me suggestions of what you might want to see, either new brands I havent tried or something thats new and coming out that you want me to give to you

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  1. Beautiful nail :) I love the bows ! Im a new follower I hope u can follow back !