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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo Dump

I love purging photos... "dumping" them if you will. It gives me a chance to show off colors, new purchases, what I've been up to and what not... I do a lot of this on Instagram... follow me if you like to see random stuff: Drama_Ocelot is my user name. Most of the pictures make it here on dumps.

This is Essie Go Overboard... I wish it were a bit darker and greener. It went on super smooth and could be a one coater if I took my time

This is Essence Oh My Glitter. It doesnt have any glitter in it... but it is a great shade of purple with pink micro flecks or pink shimmer or something... it went on in two coats perfectly. I used flocking power, googly eyes, and a mustache nail sticker to make the little monster guy... he was fun for about a half day.

This is my new handbag!!! I got it yesterday. I have been looking for a bag just like this to wear cross body. Usually I find them and they arent the right shape, or too big (its a purse not a messenger bag, c'mon!), or not long enough on the strap or too long on the strap... you get the point. This one is perfect and I was going to pass it by because it was a hundred bucks and I dont have that kind of money right now... So the boyfriend bought it for me, what a sweetheart!

These are my new stickers for sweet Helga. I reorganized her two days ago and then slapped these babies on! I love shopping at Red Bubble for my stickers... GO THERE! They make perfect little presents for the nail polish addict in your life, of course in ADDITION to the nail polish you bought them...
They also do shirts and a bunch of other stuff, mostly pop culture things. I also got an Amy Winehouse one (RIP darling) and one that looks like a tin of wax and it says Mr Miagi's Wax on Wax off... I love red bubble.

I painted my friend's nails a long while back and Im pretty sure I took this idea from someone... but cant remember who. Le sigh. Its cute though. The base is Ciate Cream Soda and the colors are stripers from LA Colors, the Art Deco ones. Its been a while since I've done some fun designs, I wish there were more people who read my blog that lived in Colorado, I would paint your nails SO HARD!!! Hit me up if you do, I love what I can do on other people's nails that I cant do on myself.

And these are my nieces and nephew from when I went back east. I miss them a bunch!!!! Them, and Friendly's Watermelon Sherbet... I LOVE watermelon sherbet...

and thats about it... no more photos for you (you can breath a sigh of relief!)

Did you guys have good weekends? What did you do? I worked... lame, so my real weekend was Monday and Tuesday. I had a pretty good time, went to this place called The Bagel Deli cause I saw it on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives... IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!!! 

})i({ - Amy

Essence Hypnotic Poison

So I feel like you can always count on good ol' Amy to be swatching old shit that came out whenever and a day ago... but its still new to me because its been sitting in my untrieds for forevs. Today felt like a vampy red kind of day... it never has been before (except maybe during Christmas time) but I couldnt explain why... maybe because there is so much snow outside? SO MUCH SNOW!
The Ulta near my work seems to be constantly purging themselves of all things Essence, so I picked this up a while back for .99 cents (all I can hear is Ryan Lewis "But shit, it was .99 cents!")

This was a dream to apply, I havent had bad luck with Essence polish... The newer stuff in the curvy squat bottles with the thick brush is a bit thicker than the stuff in the small standard looking bottles, in my opinion. But either way, I have had some good luck with their stuff.
It went on super smooth and if I used a thick enough coat I could do it in one. That being said this is two coats of slick saturated color. It looks darker in person... hmmm, probably the flash.

It shines up nice, but it makes me feel like Cruella Deville!!!

Anyways, does anyone know when this polish came out? Any favorite Essence colors? Mine's probably Out of My Mind...

})i({ -Amy

Monday, February 25, 2013

Revlon Flirt and Revlon Girly (a match made in heaven?)

So everybody is raving about Revlon Girly... I bought this not too long ago and it sat in my untrieds until all of this hype... I had read that it was a bit sheer and thought it would look perfect with another of my untrieds (most of my polish is untried at the moment cause I am buying faster than I can slather it onto my fingers) Revlon Flirt. It is the perfect pairing

... absolutely perfect!

So this is Flirt on its own in two coats. I thought it would be a cute purplish pink. Its unlike any other color I own and I own tons of pink and purple, I love it!

(Not too much difference here between the first and the second pic except the second one has topcoat.)

This is one coat of Girly over the two coats of Flirt. I think this makes it look just like Girly does in the bottle... Its almost like they were made for eachother!

I love this pairing... what about you guys? What kind of combinations have you come up with or do you prefer Girly on its own? (I havent tried that yet... )

})i({ - Amy

Friday, February 22, 2013

Clarins 230 (UNICORN PISS)

Wow, time to dust the cobwebs off my blog... I am so unorganized that I have had no desire to touch my computer.

Can you tell why? Yeah. So I am typing and trying not to knock over multiple bottles of stuff... things get like this when I get overwhelmed. This is the result of schoolwork, travel, work and obviously, from the plethora of nail polish on my desk, an addiction... This is the reason I havent been posting, that and all the traveling I have been doing from Colorado to Massachusetts. Poor Helga (the helmer) is in all sorts of disaray. Just before my grandmemere got sick I hit the corner of one of the open drawers and gashed my leg up... in addition to knocking every single bottle down. So I have to clean my desk and Helga and its just too much for me to tackle right now. That being said... LOOKY WHAT I BOUGHT!!!


The mystical, magical, wonderful, glorious Clarins 230. I mentioned wanting this when I posted about Takko Lacquer's Kiss the Sky and decided "what the hey"... it was only 50 bucks... only.
Its layered over OPI's new Eurso Euro (get it? You're so Euro?) Love this blue... probably should have taken a pic of it on its own... too late!

Here it is in semi day light

Here it is all blurry likes

And here's the green!!!

I love this, I cant wait to layer it over everything... yep! I will have plenty of time to post more, I had to quit school this semester because I had missed too much and just couldn't catch up. On the up side, I can get a full refund because its death related absences... I guess thats the up side. Anywho

What do you think? Anyone have Max Factor Fantasy Fire? Does it compare? 

})i({ -Amy

EDIT 3/9/12
first is Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light, then covered in unicorn pee

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Flipping Out Hard

Ok, I am alive... I have been painting my nails, but have been avoiding all things social including the blog (and my bestie, and my brother, and my mother, and my co-workers, and even my boyfriend... that I live with). I apologize, but mostly to myself because it was really weird and unlike me and not fun. My grandmemere died on Saturday... I went out east to visit her while she was sick and it was a terrible trip where I got a cold and had to watch my grandmother slowly forget who I was... I have been distancing myself from everything because it makes it easier to cope. Writing about it seems to help a bit, but I'm over that now. I needed a pick me up and decided this was the best color for it, also I needed to post again.

Yeah, I havent touched my cuticles for a while by the way...

I bought this color SOOOOO long ago, I needed it from the moment I saw it... It was one of the first indie polishes I ever bought. It kind of looks like Ninja Polish Floam... and I thought it looked like actual Floam when I bought it... This is the first time I have ever used it, and my verdict? I think I need some Glitter Food or Gelous or something... SV wasnt too bad but DAMN is this stuff bumpy.

This is two coats of Flipping Out Hard over the closest color I had: Revlon Bonsai... which isn't even close, not even a little. But it worked so I cant complain (well, I shouldnt complain but always do). I might use some thinner in it the next time I use it... its really gloopy but looks AMAZING!!! I love this stuff. It looks exactly like I thought it would.

That being said I have to take this off right now because I just bought plane tickets for the funeral... I NEED HELP: What polish should I wear to the funeral? I cant go bear, cus my nails are yellow and gross... and I DEFINITELY cant go with this. My options are: Two coats of Essie Adore-a-ball by itself or with a coat of Zoya Chloe over the top; Julep Carrie which I just got in my mystery box; Ciate Cream Soda with some sort of micro holo glitter on top; I really want to do Butter London Gobsmacked because it is one of my VERY FAVORITE polishes... but might look a bit flashy; or some sort of nude... which I dont have many of? What do you guys think?

})i({ -Amy