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Friday, June 21, 2013

Im still alive

So I have had a super hectic month... I havent really bought much polish not to mention polish for the monthly giveaway which will sadly not be happening. I have just gone through so many changes lately and its just overwhelming. I had my first panic attack last week and totally for reals thought I was going to die. A friend of mine force fed me a Xanax and about an hour later all was better. So here are some random pictures and the song I have been listening to non stop, and I promise next month's giveaway with be the tits!

all right, that will about catch you up... see you next month for a giveaway, I'll do something super fancy to make up for my absense... maybe two winners or something. give me suggestions of what you might want to see, either new brands I havent tried or something thats new and coming out that you want me to give to you

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creepy/Cute Nail Art BLUESEA-RL10D

So I got some products for review last week and I already used the AWESOME nail foil. KKCenterHK also sent me these cool little eyeballs. They fall under a category they call bluesea, which I assume is some term I am not familiar with that means raised sticker decall thing. They arent stickers persay but they remind me of those stickers that are covered in the semi-hard gel to make them cabochon like... gosh this explaination is killing me! Heres a close up picture:

These are a hard plastic cab eye, pretty cool if you ask me! They have a bunch of other ones that are a lot more conventional like bows and butterflies and little square picture things. Go to their website and you can find them with the product number BLUESEA-RL10D or just click here for a direct link they are called Roundlet Eyeball.

So I picked a gruesome product so I could do this idea I have had in my mind for forever of gruesome kawaii-like creatures. I wanted blood, gore, zombification, and whatever. This is what I came up with:

I tried to match the eyeball with his other eyeball and make it look like it was hanging on, if i had added some red string or something it might have looked a bit better. But I like the way it turned out!

Want to see the rest? Of course you do!

creepy, morbid, cute, silly, deadly, nail art, zombicorn, gross, adorable

I am super thrilled with how these came out. So the thumb nail is a bunny with an eyepatch:

You cant see it very well but he's got pinked cheeks and ears... super adorable! Then next guy is a punk zombicorn (unicorn)

Hes got bloodshot eyes, dirty blood covered teeth, and a gothic spike/stud for a horn. EEk he might be my favorite. The middle finger has the cute little dude with his eyeball handing out. The ring finger is a nondescript purple dude with a knife stabbing him.

He was a toughie, It took some real persuasion to get my little brother to part with a lego knife when he knew I was going to cut the blade off... yeesh. But I think it was pretty worth it! The last guy is a little dead Nemo

Hes got a little hook hanging out of his mouth and his last dying bubbles are drifting upwards!

So overall I really liked these nails. The eyeball was just what I was looking for. The only drawback is that mine is not re-usable the eyeball design has no protection and peeled right off when I pulled it from the nail... maybe there is a better way to use it... maybe a bit of topcoat to seal it in?
Either way I dont mind four bucks for a really specific one use item... I would rather it be multi use but it is what it is. You guys can get 10% off your order if you use the code NAILFREAK now until the end of next January.

What do you think of my morbid mani, cute right?

})i({ -Amy

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holographic Nail Foil NNAIL-E24

Good morning all!
I need to start by saying that I am not a morning person... I hate mornings, I'm grumpy. This morning is no exception (except I am over the grump part). I heard my boyfriend in the bathroom and thought that he must have turned the hallway light on... I'm laying in bed thinking "Why did he turn that damn light on? He'd better turn that effing thing off pretty soon or I'm gonna flip out. I can hear him coming to bed and he hasn't turned that damn light off... OMG WHY IS THAT EFFING LIGHT STILL ON???" at which point I peeked my one eye open to see that alas, the hallway light is not on but instead it is morning... and the sun is on... and that is not his fault. But that doesnt stop me from being pissed about it for the next hour; my mood foiling every attempt of mine to re-enter dreamland. Le sigh.
So I woke up at 6:30am on my day off and here I am. That being said, this is one of the best mornings I have ever had!!!
Want to re-create it? (Obviously not the shitty part...)
Im sitting at my desk with no pants... because no pants are the best kind of pants, with a fluffly blanket wrapped about myself, eating dried mango (YUMNESS this is my favorite dried fruit... if you love sweets this is for you!), listening to music that is probably best suited to the night (Explicit language warning!):

Rocking out and trying out a foil sent to me for review by KKCenterHk!
So First I did a bit of filing... then cleaned my cuticles... then used a buffer block to buff my nails super smooth!

My base coat for today is Orly Bonder, then I painted all my nails with one carefully applied coat of CND Silver Chrome.

Then a layer of foil glue, I prefer Ciate's glue but you can buy a really good sized bottle of glue with a nice brush in a set with whatever foil you want from KKCenterHk; so for this, I used their glue. Wait for the glue to dry clear. Try to apply it smooth and dont touch it to anything... it helps to have some squares cut from the foil before you start applying so there's less chance to mess up.

You can see the glue starting to dry here.
If you have never used foil before know that you must lay the design/color face up... My first time didnt go so well and I couldnt figure out why! Its much easier and more effective when you lay the plain side on your nail.

When the glue dries you lay the foil on the nail and press down...
So when you lay the foil down, I like to start on the edge of my nail and work my way across, pushing it down and smoothing it out as I go.
and here we go!

How cool is that???
This is called Shiny Silver and can be found here or by searching NNAIL-E24. It is currently sold out but you can search a bunch of their other REALLY cool foil designs. PLUS you can get 10% off your order by using the code NAILFREAK 
Yippee for coupons right?

By the way, this is without topcoat... Seche Vite totally messed this up, it looked terrible after, EEK!!!

Overall, I really liked this product, they send you a large amount of the foil, and the glue works really well and dries to clear fairly quickly.

Let me know what you think! Have you tried foils before?

})i({ -Amy

Monday, May 27, 2013


So this is a rambling post of mostly thoughts... I have a bit of time to kill, dont feel like painting my nails, have a giftcard to Sephora and am browsing through their website looking to be inspired for next month's giveaway.

Here are my thoughts:
* I am 27 years old and do not find myself around black lights often enough to justify buying anything from Illamasqua's Paranormal collections... is this polish for the club goer?

* Ciate does not have colors or the formula fabulous enough for me to justify buying their $15 dollar nail polish. Dont get me wrong, I love their sets... I "like" how they take trends, simplify them and then multiply the cost by 3. Also, their chalkboard thing intrigues me... not enough to buy it, but the idea of washable marker for nails has got me thinking about buying some of those milky gel pens I used to use in high school and seeing if I can re-create this look... anyone know where to get those pens?

* Why do I need to wear a ring with a fake nail on it (Pantone, I am looking at you)? I have nails... does it look cool? Do people like this? Are people wearing this? Send me some links to you guys wearing this so I can see if this is something I should legitimately be looking into.

* Why am I looking for an excuse to try Dolce and Gabanna nail polish? WHY? I dont need it, none of the colors are that unique... am I such a brand whore that I think $23 bucks for a nail polish brand I have never tried before must be justified purely because I like their sunglasses? and most of their perfume... and most of their clothes. They are not aiming their products at me, I can tell you that much... I am not their target demographic... le sigh. I would get Shocking or Fire... and Stromboli sounds unique.

* Do I love Hello Kitty because I am Asian, or am I more Asian because I love inexplicably love Hello Kitty?

Also, here is a photo dump of all things I havent bothered to put on the blog...

This is Essie In the Cab-ana with my Sephora OPI 18kt top coat and a little ships wheel Hex Nail Charm. I liked how this came out... I have been in need of this color of blue for some time now.

This is Julep Clara with my new Koi fish stamp! I picked this up for myself for my birthday and was just trying to decide what color the fishies would look best as... Im thinking orange or teal.

This is my sweet baby Bandit!

I bought these interesting lip glosses at Rite Aid when I made the mecca like trip to the one nearest to me... these are pretty cool right? I slipped one into Rebecca's box of Julie G polishes that she won today!

and lastly these are my best friend's holographic cheetah nails!!! She has the stumpy-est little nails, they are so cute!

Oh well, that was just my rambling for the evening... maybe I'll go paint my nails now.

Talk to you all later!

})i({ -Amy

Julie G Frosted Gumdrop WINNER!!!

Hey all!
Ive been super pre-occupied and havent been posting much. But I have been paying attention to my giveaway.
So without further ado, the winner is:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Rebecca! I am so happy for you! You have 48 hours to respond to the email I sent you this morning or I will have to pick another winner :(
I cant wait to hear from you!

The giveaways have been working really well for me, I like to try new stuff and this kinda pushes me to do so... I'm also getting more traffic which resulted in my first "sponsorship". I will have some products to review soon... Im already planning an awesomely gruesome manicure for one of the products! Super excited! But all that being said... anything new coming out in June that I should get for next month's giveaway?
I was trying to find some of the new Layla Bubble effects in a store near me, but no such luck so far... I dont really want to buy it online but I might have to... otherwise I am open for suggestions!

Anywho: Congratulations, Rebecca!

})i({ -Amy

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Splatter nail art

Hey Hey Hey!
Just wanted to show you my version of these splatter nails on Cult Cosmetics website, They are calling them a 90's inspired Teen Spirit look... I LOVE the colors and they have a little tutorial which I followed for the most part.

Dont you love the color combo?

So I changed a few things here. Instead of painting my nails white and splattering all the color on top I painted my nails with Essie Lilacism. Then I splattered Essie In the Cab-ana, then Orly Glowstick, then Rimmel Black Satin. Also I didnt dip the straw directly into the polish bottle... that seemed like it could be wasteful. SO I took the polish brush and painted a generous amount around the inside of the straw, then blew it onto my nails; A) this could be the reason that I ended up with too much black on my index and too much Glowstick on my middle but B) this is also the reason that I dont have thick blobs of polish like the one from the tutorial gets... yuck, it doesnt need to be a 3d mani.
SO this might be my birthday mani and it might not. I cant decide yet. I have bought myself some polish presents and I may use one of those instead... HMMMM What do you guys think?

These came in my May Julep Mystery Box! I got (from left to right) Charlie, Teresa, Clara, Nina, Fiona, and Jordan.
I also bought these lovelies from Glitter Daze, her birthday is in May too so she was having a sale and gave free hand soak fizzies too.

This is (left to right) My White Lighter which glows in the dark, La Santa Muerte, and their new Mint Summer Night.
Also I bought myself a new stamping plate from Australia at I bought a plate with some koi fish on it. It hasnt arrived yet but I am super excited.

So as much as I love the splatter, my only knock against it is that it looks super messy. I know that is the point of the look, and it is very pleasing to look at on its own... but when you see the hand it looks like you were painting your room and you forgot to wash up afterwards. So I could re-create this for Tuesday (my birthday!!!) or I could paint my nails with Julep Nina, or Glitter Daze My White Lighter, or I could paint Julep Fiona with Glitter Daze La Santa Muerte over the top... or something else entirely. Im not going out or anything, I will just be cleaning the house (early weekday birthdays are no fun) so it can be as extravagant or plain as anything.

What do you guys think? Ball out glitter glitzy blingy nails? or some nail art? or something plain? what would you do for your birthday mani?

})({ -Amy

PS There's still plenty of time to enter my giveaway for the month!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chanel Taboo

So Unrelated news... I entered a blogger of the month contest and used my manicure from March with the pink girly designs... if you liked that I would love to have your vote by clicking on this link and clicking on my entry (towards the bottom, not the picture but the selection button) Now onto this FABULOUS POLISH!!!

EEEEEKKKK!!! I have wanted to get this polish for forever!
I was searching for a new phone case which is kinda hard cause I have the Note 2 and its a bitch of a phone to find fun covers for... so I was searching Etsy and I found a NAIL POLISH CASE!!! They only had Dior and Chanel cases so I thought I would buy one with Peridot on it because I own that color... but if youve ever read my ramblings you would know that I HATE that color. SO I  went with Chanel Taboo because it has been a lemming of mine and I decided what the heck it would make a cute case and an even cuter picture if I bought the polish!!!

Sorry for the crappy quality of that picture... Its from my phone (obviously) and in the bathroom with its terrible lighting. But its still a cute concept...

Thats better, right? WHAT A SPECTACULAR COLOR!!!! I wish the picture did it justice... but it doesnt even come close...

Not even natural light can capture the magnificence that is Taboo...

What a rich, velvety smooth color. It has blue and purple sparkle over a mysterious almost black base... but its not glitter, its just.... to complicated to describe.
Mostly purple shimmery dark purple.


})i({ -Amy