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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Color Club Warhol and Nails Inc. Noho

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway!!! Go do it, and then look forward to another one for next month... it will be even better (cuz its a set!)
But back to the mani at hand!

So I didnt intend to do this mani at all last night. I really wanted to do a neon gradient with OPI Turquoise Shatter over the top...but I just couldnt get it to look the way that I wanted... then I thought I would do a neon yellow mani with gradient blue dots 

(OMG that wheel was a lot harder to photograph than my nails... )

But to get the yellow to stand out I had to put on white undies, and I kept hitting my fingers on the plethora of other things on my desk... so I got fed up and cleaned it all off. I almost didnt even paint them after that, I was so dejected... BUT THEN!!!! I remembered how my friend was complaining about pink nail polish (she NEVER wears pink and how she came about wearing pink polish is a longer story than even I would like to tell)... but anyways, I was telling her to "rock" the pink up a bit by adding a black accent nail and maybe some studs... at which point she confessed that every time I use little accent bits on her nails, like studs or rhinestones, she never keeps them!!! Even the "bitch" hex charm I put on her nails last time I did them...
Anywho, that conversation inspired these nails!
I love neon colors and Warhol is a great polish! Jackie-Oh! is probably my favorite neon pink that Color Club does, but these are pretty similar, enough so that you dont have to have both. This is my first time using Noho, even though I bought it so long ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the effect. I cant wait to go buy Soho Mews and Shoreditch Lane...

})i({ -Amy


  1. Lately I have been super obsessed with pink nail polish--but super crazy bright pink. I've actually always been obsessed with pink lipstick and blushes but the nails craze has just started. Those studs are awesome--I really need to get some of those! I still haven't made up my mind about purchasing Noho. I have Shoreditch Lane and I'm not even sure I am going to get much use out of it but the black has a very alluring quality.

    1. Oh, I love neon pink polish with a passion that wells up from deep within my soul! Im not super girly but neon pink makes me feel like a badass chica!
      Those studs came from the Noho Bling it On pack/kit thing... I hesitated buying it because the singles have the leather caps but the one in the kit does not... and the bottle is half the fun for me.