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Monday, April 29, 2013

Nail It Magazine

Hey guys, no new polish to report on (although I have a set of Julie G gumdrop polishes sitting here, waiting to be swatched and another set to giveaway... so be on the lookout).
That being said, I went to Walgreens the other day and picked up a bunch of stuff including the latest issue of Nail It magazine. I was hesitant because its 5 bucks which to me is about the same or almost the same as getting a bottle of polish. But I am SUPER glad that I did because I learned new things, read interesting articles (one in particular about men wearing polish), and was inspired to do some nail art.

This is the cover and I was so taken with the model's nails that I wanted to recreate it! They tell you how on one of the pages so it sounded easy enough
First I cut strips of electrical tape for the rectangles, placed them on my nails then used OPI Eurso Euro to paint the nail. Its the same color they used in the picture.
Then I removed the electrical tape and filled in the void with Orly Luck Duck. Despite green being my favorite color I lean more to neon greens so I dont actually have any true or kelly greens. I think I want to go pick up Essie Shake Your $$ Maker... but the one they used for the pic is apparently Essie First Timer... they dont make it very clear. Then I outlined the square in white.
Anywhoo, heres what I came up with!

I love this!!! SO much so that its been days but I still dont want to take it off! Instead I just touched it up! But it will be gone tomorrow :( Im going for a spa day which includes a mani-pedi, so they will wipe it clean.

What do you think? Have you seen this magazine yet? Go buy this now, its fun and has some great pics and product ads.

PS: what color should I get on my hands and feet at the spa tomorrow? Im thinking purple... or orange... or something neon if its bright enough (like blue?)

})i({ -Amy

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