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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ninja Polish Ambrosia

K, No time for banter

I really put some effort into this mani... 
Where to start my tales??? 
So I have a real problem with splitting... It was getting better when I wore gloves to sleep with moisturizer and cuticle oil every night, not cured but better... but I stopped doing that when I had to go back east and havent started up again. Then it got a little better when I wore Orly's Nailtrition but it says not to use it consecutively for more than two weeks... and THEN theres my other little problem. 
I see that little bit of lacquer covered nail lifting off the rest of the nail and I CANT HELP MYSELF, I have to peel it back slowly and a little at a time... It is so satisfying. Like squeezing a big blackhead you didnt know you had but catch site of in the mirror during your makeup routine, so big it looks like a mole. Yeah this is just like that for me. I cant help myself!
SO I peel the damn thing back and then paint my nails again and it leaves this unsightly ridge and it looks horrible and then just causes the next peel when it grows out.  YUCK circle of never ending manicure ruination.
So this time I used one of those nail buffer things... you know? The ones from the dudes at the mall who catch you and molest your hand with that huge nail file looking thing with four sides? All to leave you with that one shiney nail? NO? I guess nail polish addicts dont get subjected to this because we're always wearing polish... but back when i didnt wear polish my naked nails were molested in this fashion all the time... those damn sales cart people.
I buffed the crap out of all my split nails.... all of my nails really, even the non split ones, I smoothed down the edges where new splits were occuring and I buffed out all the ridges on my nails. HOPEFULLY this will prevent some splitting in the future FINGERS ARE CROSSED! But more importantly this occured to me to be the best way to treat my nails before I use chrome polish or others that show the shit out of ridges. And you all had to read through that crap to get that little gem of advice damn it! HAHAHA! 
Anyways, I went through all that work so I figured I might as well clean up my cuticles and then after I was done painting, clean up some of the mess in the beds of my nails and TADA! I think these might be the best my nails have ever looked for you!
Onto the polish:
So I really like this color, I decided I needed to put on something special after all that hard work and this was the winner! Thank You, Cynthia! 
It went on super smooth but a bit sheer. This is three coats of slightly thick shimmery perfection. It reminds me of Takko Lacquer, both in color and consistency  It has a slightly orange color in the shimmer but also some yellow and even green (in certain lights). It is so rich and glowey, it looks like wildfire on my nails! I am LOVING it!

What do you think? Anyone ever use one of these nail buffers? Am I just late in the game? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME!!!!? Anyone have any suggestions how to stop the damn splitting??? 

})i({ -Amy


  1. I relate to every word in this post, no joke.

    1. Thank GOD!!!! I knew I sounded like a bit of a nutter as I was writing it! I have great respect for all of my readers, being forced to muddle through my novel length ramblings... especially since I am all over the place!

  2. Your nails look great in this post! I like to buff my nails every couple of weeks. Too often and it makes them thin and more likely to break. Metallic shimmery streaky polishes are my favorite. Smooth nails are essential!

    1. So you've been holding out on me eh? Keeping this nail secret to yourself, well the cat is out of the bag now!!! Lol

  3. You had me cracking up...seriously. Ok, I have never had any peeling issues with my nails but I know that a lot of people do so I can sympathize. I have slight ridges mostly from all the stupid stuff I subject my nails to, but I have always used those buffing blocks. I had to learn the hard way to go very easy on my nails with them because otherwise I buff them thin and I will be in a new world of pain and nail issues. I hope the buffing helps--everyone seems to love OPI Nail Envy for problems like peeling.

    And Ambrosia looks great on you!

  4. Ohh, that might be good. Ill have to pick some up. I have had these buffer blocks for years and in all the time (the however many months) I have been fanatically painting my nails, it never occurred to me to use one! I feel like a tard!
    and yes, Ambrosia looks great on me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Thank you so much!