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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ahem... Sorry for my absence

Yeah... So I have been doing my own thing recently. Still feeling a bit blue but went to look at apartments yesterday and finally feeling like I am getting over this freaking cough! YIPPEE!!! I went to the outlet mall yesterday with a girl from work and we did a bit of retail therapy... then she told me that she will be having another baby!!! I dont want to judge or anything (who am I kidding? I am a Judgey McJudgerton!) but she just went through bankruptcy, they had to move out of their apartment into a TINY TEENY WEENY one to save some money... and all along they were planning to have a baby. I just think that maybe they should have thought this one through... I'm also wickedly jealous, le sigh. I have baby fever SO bad! Everyone I know has children, I dont have a single girlfriend who doenst have kids... and i would love some bebies some day. Thats one of the reasons I am leaving the boyfriend; he doesnt want kids ever, but thats not what he told me when we first met. I am 27 this May and I just want to live a life where there is potential for me to have kids. I will never have them if i cant financially support myself PERIOD. BUT in an ideal world I will meet a good guy, date him for at least a year if not two before we marry, be married for about a year having selfish fun before we have kids, and have kids before I am an old lady! That doesnt leave much time, and things never go according to plan. What am I going to do? Well it hasnt been my nails, I'll tell you that! I did my best friend's nails about a week ago, they came out super cute but my phone camera is pretty crap!

Thats China Glaze Liquid Leather on thumb and pinkie, Calvin Klein Tutu on the pointer, Nails Inc Leather Effect Noho on the middle and Jade Holografico Mystic Gold on the ring. There is some foil on the thumb, a gold skull and crossbones sticker on the pointer, some studs on the middle, a mustache sticker on the ring, and SOPI 18kt topcoat on the pinkie.

On the right hand middle finger I did a small Hex Nail Charm (I am obsessed with these lately, go buy them here!) that says Bitch! How cute? Right???

I got special nail mail the other day and it was a SUPER pick me up!!! That is Ninja Polish Ambrosia, I cant wait to paint my nails with it... it looks so squishy and shimmery!

I have been toying with the idea of painting falsies for a while... I dont need to wait for a friend to have some free time for a free mani, I can do them at my leisure and I can do WHATEVER design I want... unfortunately this one looks like crap. I should have stuck with the Rocky Mountain sunset and not tried to fade in a galaxy nail... it looks terrible and there isnt enough room on the nail for it all. But that being said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bottom half that I didnt butcher! You can catch a bit of the pinkish shimmer in the clouds, Thats SpaRitual Its Raining Men, which I should do a mani with sometime... maybe.

These were my St. Patties nails... I did these after MANY MANY attempts at a water marble shamrock like mucking_fusser on instagram... DAMN HER AND HER GLORIOUS WATER MARBLES!!!!!!!!!! ... bitch... not really, but im in a hater mood today.

 SO these were my practice water marble a week before St Patricks... and I thought I was all bad ass because I made a heart... I cant really do the marbling .. i suck at it and its messy, and it ruined my Cutex Twist and Scrub Sponge... which I LOVE for removing messes and mostly glitter. Go buy one of these. DO IT!

And I may have shown you this already, but this is Sephora + Pantone Universe in Evergreen... This is another long story for you: I love digging through the clearance bins at Sephora and a while back I found Kat Von D's Mad Max.. I really wanted it but all they had was the tester left. So I asked the woman if I could buy the tester. I told her I would pay full price for it and that I really wanted it and pretty please and all that crap... but she said no, Sephora cannot sell their testers and then she ran away from my crazy... Speed up to a couple weeks ago and Im in a different Sephora digging through the clearance bins... then i spot the Pantone Jewel Lacquer set and all the pretty colors and I find a tester for the Evergreen and a Tester for the Parachute Purple but no product for them!!!! NOOOOOO! So I did a bad thing and slipped both testers into different boxes... because they were all in completely enclosed boxes, and I bought the testers under a different guise. EEK! I was sweating and thinking "God I hope they dont open those boxes and see that I am essentially stealing their testers!" But I was successful in my endeavor and I bought two awesome Pantone polishes!!! ... and I hardly feel bad about it anymore... hardly... just a bit. I'D DO IT AGAIN THOUGH!!!!

SO! Thank you for reading my novel today! I have one last thing to ask of you: Since I have not been posting lately I was thinking maybe I should do some guest posts! Maybe? I have never done this... but was thinking that maybe someone might want to show off their nails... maybe that someone has a blog, maybe they dont! Maybe they just want to help me fill my space? I think guest posting is probably more appealing for more popular blogs... But lets put it this way: Youd be my best friend? Id let you use my crayons at recess? What can I say to get some of you to volunteer some of your time and do some posts for me? If you want to... send pictures and basically a blog post to my email: drama(dot)ocelot(at)
DO IT!!!

Otherwise, who knows? Maybe I'll start feeling back to normal and do my own posts again... I have enough freaking nail polish that I havent tried out yet... jeez. Lol

})i({ -Amy


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    1. Isnt it??? I love them, I bought like 10 different ones and cant wait to use them all! They arent very expensive but are super cute. I got one that says "Fuck You" and I may need to use it on vacation or something, I dont know how well it will fly at work!