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Monday, May 27, 2013


So this is a rambling post of mostly thoughts... I have a bit of time to kill, dont feel like painting my nails, have a giftcard to Sephora and am browsing through their website looking to be inspired for next month's giveaway.

Here are my thoughts:
* I am 27 years old and do not find myself around black lights often enough to justify buying anything from Illamasqua's Paranormal collections... is this polish for the club goer?

* Ciate does not have colors or the formula fabulous enough for me to justify buying their $15 dollar nail polish. Dont get me wrong, I love their sets... I "like" how they take trends, simplify them and then multiply the cost by 3. Also, their chalkboard thing intrigues me... not enough to buy it, but the idea of washable marker for nails has got me thinking about buying some of those milky gel pens I used to use in high school and seeing if I can re-create this look... anyone know where to get those pens?

* Why do I need to wear a ring with a fake nail on it (Pantone, I am looking at you)? I have nails... does it look cool? Do people like this? Are people wearing this? Send me some links to you guys wearing this so I can see if this is something I should legitimately be looking into.

* Why am I looking for an excuse to try Dolce and Gabanna nail polish? WHY? I dont need it, none of the colors are that unique... am I such a brand whore that I think $23 bucks for a nail polish brand I have never tried before must be justified purely because I like their sunglasses? and most of their perfume... and most of their clothes. They are not aiming their products at me, I can tell you that much... I am not their target demographic... le sigh. I would get Shocking or Fire... and Stromboli sounds unique.

* Do I love Hello Kitty because I am Asian, or am I more Asian because I love inexplicably love Hello Kitty?

Also, here is a photo dump of all things I havent bothered to put on the blog...

This is Essie In the Cab-ana with my Sephora OPI 18kt top coat and a little ships wheel Hex Nail Charm. I liked how this came out... I have been in need of this color of blue for some time now.

This is Julep Clara with my new Koi fish stamp! I picked this up for myself for my birthday and was just trying to decide what color the fishies would look best as... Im thinking orange or teal.

This is my sweet baby Bandit!

I bought these interesting lip glosses at Rite Aid when I made the mecca like trip to the one nearest to me... these are pretty cool right? I slipped one into Rebecca's box of Julie G polishes that she won today!

and lastly these are my best friend's holographic cheetah nails!!! She has the stumpy-est little nails, they are so cute!

Oh well, that was just my rambling for the evening... maybe I'll go paint my nails now.

Talk to you all later!

})i({ -Amy

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