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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Splatter nail art

Hey Hey Hey!
Just wanted to show you my version of these splatter nails on Cult Cosmetics website, They are calling them a 90's inspired Teen Spirit look... I LOVE the colors and they have a little tutorial which I followed for the most part.

Dont you love the color combo?

So I changed a few things here. Instead of painting my nails white and splattering all the color on top I painted my nails with Essie Lilacism. Then I splattered Essie In the Cab-ana, then Orly Glowstick, then Rimmel Black Satin. Also I didnt dip the straw directly into the polish bottle... that seemed like it could be wasteful. SO I took the polish brush and painted a generous amount around the inside of the straw, then blew it onto my nails; A) this could be the reason that I ended up with too much black on my index and too much Glowstick on my middle but B) this is also the reason that I dont have thick blobs of polish like the one from the tutorial gets... yuck, it doesnt need to be a 3d mani.
SO this might be my birthday mani and it might not. I cant decide yet. I have bought myself some polish presents and I may use one of those instead... HMMMM What do you guys think?

These came in my May Julep Mystery Box! I got (from left to right) Charlie, Teresa, Clara, Nina, Fiona, and Jordan.
I also bought these lovelies from Glitter Daze, her birthday is in May too so she was having a sale and gave free hand soak fizzies too.

This is (left to right) My White Lighter which glows in the dark, La Santa Muerte, and their new Mint Summer Night.
Also I bought myself a new stamping plate from Australia at I bought a plate with some koi fish on it. It hasnt arrived yet but I am super excited.

So as much as I love the splatter, my only knock against it is that it looks super messy. I know that is the point of the look, and it is very pleasing to look at on its own... but when you see the hand it looks like you were painting your room and you forgot to wash up afterwards. So I could re-create this for Tuesday (my birthday!!!) or I could paint my nails with Julep Nina, or Glitter Daze My White Lighter, or I could paint Julep Fiona with Glitter Daze La Santa Muerte over the top... or something else entirely. Im not going out or anything, I will just be cleaning the house (early weekday birthdays are no fun) so it can be as extravagant or plain as anything.

What do you guys think? Ball out glitter glitzy blingy nails? or some nail art? or something plain? what would you do for your birthday mani?

})({ -Amy

PS There's still plenty of time to enter my giveaway for the month!

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