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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CK One Current

So Unrelated news... I entered a blogger of the month contest and used my manicure from March with the pink girly designs... if you liked that I would love to have your vote by clicking on this link and clicking on my entry (towards the bottom, not the picture but the selection button) Now onto this FABULOUS POLISH!!!

HOLY CRAPAMOLI!!! This polish is scented with CK One! Like the perfume, LIKE THE PERFUME!!!
So I have some Calvin Klein nail polish... I bought it cheap from Tuesday Morning... it comes in a tiny squarish rectangular bottle. It also may or may not be knock off stuff, but it seems pretty legit to me. On the other hand I dont have any of the CK One polishes in the long tube bottles, until now! I resisted because the colors werent all that great and they are 14 bucks a pop at Ulta. I am however a sucker for anything labeled "Limited Edition" which was what caught my eye with Current (also I was holding a bottle of polish in pretty much the same color from another brand). But what makes this polish so special? THE SCENT!!!!
The color is fairly unique... its got a touch more of a brown hue to it than the pictures make it out to be, think less neon more split pea soup.

This is without topcoat.... BECAUSE IT FREAKING SMELLS LIKE CK ONE! Nuff said..... but I'll say more anyways.
There was another color that is part of this special edition collection, its called Riptide and its blue. If the smell on Current lasts all day at work tomorrow then I will buy Riptide DAMMIT! Because I think this is pretty nifty.
All my favorite perfumes should come in polish form! Can you imagine an electric blue Ralph by Ralph Lauren? Or a yellowish tinged orange Happy by Clinique? I would die!

Any suggestions for perfume polishes? C'mon!

})i({ -Amy



  1. I remember being all into CK One like bazillion years ago. lol Currently, my perfumes of choice are: Kate Walsh Boyfriend (for the girl without one), Tom Ford Black Orchid (sex in a bottle), YSL Parisienne and Dior Miss Dior Cherie just cause it smells so fun. This green is kind of a funky color but I like it. I'm not that into CK so I would probably pass.

  2. Honestly I never really liked the original CK One! I have, and wear CK One Summer irregularly. Ralph used to be my go to scent (IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!) but now I LOVE Ginger Lilly by Shanghai Tang. Its way too hard to find though, their website says there are only stores in New York and Miami, but I think the one in Vegas is still there.