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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chanel Taboo

So Unrelated news... I entered a blogger of the month contest and used my manicure from March with the pink girly designs... if you liked that I would love to have your vote by clicking on this link and clicking on my entry (towards the bottom, not the picture but the selection button) Now onto this FABULOUS POLISH!!!

EEEEEKKKK!!! I have wanted to get this polish for forever!
I was searching for a new phone case which is kinda hard cause I have the Note 2 and its a bitch of a phone to find fun covers for... so I was searching Etsy and I found a NAIL POLISH CASE!!! They only had Dior and Chanel cases so I thought I would buy one with Peridot on it because I own that color... but if youve ever read my ramblings you would know that I HATE that color. SO I  went with Chanel Taboo because it has been a lemming of mine and I decided what the heck it would make a cute case and an even cuter picture if I bought the polish!!!

Sorry for the crappy quality of that picture... Its from my phone (obviously) and in the bathroom with its terrible lighting. But its still a cute concept...

Thats better, right? WHAT A SPECTACULAR COLOR!!!! I wish the picture did it justice... but it doesnt even come close...

Not even natural light can capture the magnificence that is Taboo...

What a rich, velvety smooth color. It has blue and purple sparkle over a mysterious almost black base... but its not glitter, its just.... to complicated to describe.
Mostly purple shimmery dark purple.


})i({ -Amy


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  1. I kinda want this polish, bad. Like badly. I'll probably try to get it this weekend if it's available. I don't own any Chanel polishes yet and I am kinda scared to start that trend because it all goes downhill after my first taste of the sweet nectar that is designer polish. Oh well. It looks amazing.