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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Essence Hypnotic Poison

So I feel like you can always count on good ol' Amy to be swatching old shit that came out whenever and a day ago... but its still new to me because its been sitting in my untrieds for forevs. Today felt like a vampy red kind of day... it never has been before (except maybe during Christmas time) but I couldnt explain why... maybe because there is so much snow outside? SO MUCH SNOW!
The Ulta near my work seems to be constantly purging themselves of all things Essence, so I picked this up a while back for .99 cents (all I can hear is Ryan Lewis "But shit, it was .99 cents!")

This was a dream to apply, I havent had bad luck with Essence polish... The newer stuff in the curvy squat bottles with the thick brush is a bit thicker than the stuff in the small standard looking bottles, in my opinion. But either way, I have had some good luck with their stuff.
It went on super smooth and if I used a thick enough coat I could do it in one. That being said this is two coats of slick saturated color. It looks darker in person... hmmm, probably the flash.

It shines up nice, but it makes me feel like Cruella Deville!!!

Anyways, does anyone know when this polish came out? Any favorite Essence colors? Mine's probably Out of My Mind...

})i({ -Amy

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