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Friday, February 22, 2013

Clarins 230 (UNICORN PISS)

Wow, time to dust the cobwebs off my blog... I am so unorganized that I have had no desire to touch my computer.

Can you tell why? Yeah. So I am typing and trying not to knock over multiple bottles of stuff... things get like this when I get overwhelmed. This is the result of schoolwork, travel, work and obviously, from the plethora of nail polish on my desk, an addiction... This is the reason I havent been posting, that and all the traveling I have been doing from Colorado to Massachusetts. Poor Helga (the helmer) is in all sorts of disaray. Just before my grandmemere got sick I hit the corner of one of the open drawers and gashed my leg up... in addition to knocking every single bottle down. So I have to clean my desk and Helga and its just too much for me to tackle right now. That being said... LOOKY WHAT I BOUGHT!!!


The mystical, magical, wonderful, glorious Clarins 230. I mentioned wanting this when I posted about Takko Lacquer's Kiss the Sky and decided "what the hey"... it was only 50 bucks... only.
Its layered over OPI's new Eurso Euro (get it? You're so Euro?) Love this blue... probably should have taken a pic of it on its own... too late!

Here it is in semi day light

Here it is all blurry likes

And here's the green!!!

I love this, I cant wait to layer it over everything... yep! I will have plenty of time to post more, I had to quit school this semester because I had missed too much and just couldn't catch up. On the up side, I can get a full refund because its death related absences... I guess thats the up side. Anywho

What do you think? Anyone have Max Factor Fantasy Fire? Does it compare? 

})i({ -Amy

EDIT 3/9/12
first is Deborah Lippmann Ray of Light, then covered in unicorn pee


  1. I have Fantasy Fire and I think it's rather similar...I'd have to see them side by side. Incidentally, Ninja Polish is putting out a dupe of this which I'm planning to get. Very cool! I love seeing these very coveted polishes but I'm way too cheap to spend $50 on one polish :)

    1. me too normally but my fingers hit commit to buy before i knew what was coming... so compulsive!

  2. I also "accidentally" committed to a bottle of Clarins 230... much to rash, and compulsive!!! If anyone wants to purchase it (unused, brand new!) from me, please let me know!!!!

    1. EEK! Thats too bad, I hope you didnt pay too much. I LOVE my unicorn pee, even if I did shell out 50 bucks for it