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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo Dump

I love purging photos... "dumping" them if you will. It gives me a chance to show off colors, new purchases, what I've been up to and what not... I do a lot of this on Instagram... follow me if you like to see random stuff: Drama_Ocelot is my user name. Most of the pictures make it here on dumps.

This is Essie Go Overboard... I wish it were a bit darker and greener. It went on super smooth and could be a one coater if I took my time

This is Essence Oh My Glitter. It doesnt have any glitter in it... but it is a great shade of purple with pink micro flecks or pink shimmer or something... it went on in two coats perfectly. I used flocking power, googly eyes, and a mustache nail sticker to make the little monster guy... he was fun for about a half day.

This is my new handbag!!! I got it yesterday. I have been looking for a bag just like this to wear cross body. Usually I find them and they arent the right shape, or too big (its a purse not a messenger bag, c'mon!), or not long enough on the strap or too long on the strap... you get the point. This one is perfect and I was going to pass it by because it was a hundred bucks and I dont have that kind of money right now... So the boyfriend bought it for me, what a sweetheart!

These are my new stickers for sweet Helga. I reorganized her two days ago and then slapped these babies on! I love shopping at Red Bubble for my stickers... GO THERE! They make perfect little presents for the nail polish addict in your life, of course in ADDITION to the nail polish you bought them...
They also do shirts and a bunch of other stuff, mostly pop culture things. I also got an Amy Winehouse one (RIP darling) and one that looks like a tin of wax and it says Mr Miagi's Wax on Wax off... I love red bubble.

I painted my friend's nails a long while back and Im pretty sure I took this idea from someone... but cant remember who. Le sigh. Its cute though. The base is Ciate Cream Soda and the colors are stripers from LA Colors, the Art Deco ones. Its been a while since I've done some fun designs, I wish there were more people who read my blog that lived in Colorado, I would paint your nails SO HARD!!! Hit me up if you do, I love what I can do on other people's nails that I cant do on myself.

And these are my nieces and nephew from when I went back east. I miss them a bunch!!!! Them, and Friendly's Watermelon Sherbet... I LOVE watermelon sherbet...

and thats about it... no more photos for you (you can breath a sigh of relief!)

Did you guys have good weekends? What did you do? I worked... lame, so my real weekend was Monday and Tuesday. I had a pretty good time, went to this place called The Bagel Deli cause I saw it on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives... IT WAS AMAZEBALLS!!! 

})i({ - Amy

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