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Thursday, January 3, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand Stay the Night

I saw these just after Christmas at Ulta and thought to myself: "Hmm, that might be interesting." It kind of is...

This is three thick coats, one was kinda interesting after it dried. It has a lot of dimension... like it sorta sparkles more than the pictures show. I cant tell if I like it but I am happy that I took a picture before I put a topcoat on...

It really changes the look with topcoat. Before it had almost a leather kind of look. This isnt bad, but it's something I could have achieved without sand.
The formula on this is thin despite having sand in it. I needed almost four coats to get the opaqueness of this. Its a black jelly with sand and red glitter in it basically. I think I like it... I chose this one over the other colors in the set because it looked a bit more my speed... I just dont know

What do you think? Have you tried the Liquid Sands yet? Should I get a different color?

})i({ - Amy


  1. I like this! I can't wait to get it myself. I also want the purple and blue. I don't care for the pink one mainly because I am not a big fan of the star shaped glitter.

  2. I really want the blue after seeing some swatches online. It looks pretty cool.

  3. I like all of of them. When I saw them, I only had money for one, so I got the pink one with the stars. I like the look, but I had to fish for stars--even after letting the bottle sit upside down for a while. I really want the other three though, because they look so neat (and the zoya ones that are coming out soon too.) I just really like this finish for some reason--which is weird because I usually hate anything on my nails that isn't glass smooth.

  4. OMG I want the Zoya ones so badly!!! I cant wait until I get one! Im not so sure about these, I like the Pixie Dust ones because the texture is supposed to help the sparkle... yeah, just not sure about this texture.