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Monday, January 7, 2013

Untrieds photo heavy... (more like another Photo Dump)

Since I have only recently started my polish addiction... I have a lot of additions to my collection that I havent tried yet... mostly cause I like to buy polish more than I like to apply it... too much nail care to worry about. I have a couple days off and not much to do except probably go hang out with my little brother tomorrow. So today I exercised for the first time in a bit over a year... it was pretty tough even though it was only a half hour of running up and down the stairs (because last night when I ran up and down once I was so out of breath I disgusted myself), le sigh. I thought it would be a good idea to sit at my desk and paint my nails for hours, and I cant really move if I wanted to. Please excuse my nails in some of these pictures, the acetone really dries out my skin and cuticles. click "read more" to see the photos

These are a bunch of colors that I havent really done anything with yet... the topcoats and whatnot are for future inspiration. In the back row from left to right are: Driving Me Daisy from JENsations; Essie Matte About You; China Glaze I Herd That; and Aeropostal Silver Bells. They are layered over the top of second row polishes in order except OPI Austin-Tatious Turquoise (which didnt need a top); Essie Butler Please; Color Club Daisy Does It; Essie Fear or Desire (which I picked up from Of Life and Lacquer's Blog Sale); and American Apparel Neon Red.

My Notes: I LOVE the Neon Red with Silver Bells on top! Who knew glass fleck polish would look so good matte? I can't wait to use the heck out of Driving me Daisy... Probably over everything! Also can't wait to buy more from JENsations.
I Herd That could probably work on its own. I LOVE orange. Lastly, Austin-Tatious needs too many coats... like 6!!!

For these I really just wanted to know what to use my newish Urban Outfitters Chilly (front) with... Its a clear base with a BUNCH of fine blue glitter small hex purple glitter and medium holo hex glitters... I tried (in order from left to right) an unnamed Color Club bright blue, Revlon Flirt (just bought that last night), Essie Fear or Desire (I have a BUNCH of untried oranges... its one of my favorite colors to buy, but I am in LOVE with this one), Hopscotch Kids You are My Sunshine (got that one in my present ball on Christmas Eve, its a 'watercolor' polish and has FOUR ingredients), and POP mint magic (I hate this bottle of polish. Its all jacked up and I didnt notice when I bought it... luckily boyfriend was able to get the lid off with a vice and pliers but the polish is a bit gloopy).

I think the glitter looks best over Flirt... then Mint Magin... then the bright blue. The yellow needed four coats and went on a bit watery, but kinda cool overall.

Then I just wanted to try these on their own, left to right: NYC Coral Creme (from OLAL's blog sale), Orly Stone Cold, Orly Rock Solid, The New Black unnamed purple, and Black Heart Beauty Prison Riot.

Prison Riot needed three coats to look like that... on the upside it glows in the dark. The New Black purple, Orly Stone Cold and NYC Coral Creme are my favorite, but Coral Creme isnt a cream and needed three coats. Rock Solid was the biggest dissapointment... The base should have been darker to be able to appreciate all of the holo glitter.

Then I wanted to try my blacks with glittter. On that note I should have substituted Butter London's Jack the Lad for Hare Polish's Supernova Springs. Left to Right: Revlon Scandalous, Butter London Jack the Lad, Wet n Wild Nail in the Coffin (another from OLAL's Blog Sale), Ulta Sparkletini (maybe?), and Calvin Klein Tutu.

First thing I noticed here are that Tutu and Nail in the Coffin are basically the same... black with micro gold glitterish shimmer stuff. Its beautiful, or They're beautiful. I love the Ulta one... Its fabulous! Jack the Lad is a good one to wear again before winter is over.

I wanted to try out some of my topcoats... I figured they would look good over a light colored blue... but was sick of Pop Mint Magic's gloopy formula (damn polish). Some sort of Color Club, unnamed. From Left to right  Unnamed Color Club sparkle, American Apparel Galaxy, OPI Pink Yet Lavendar, China Glaze Lush and Luxe, and Zoya Chloe (another from OLAL's blog sale).

These were hard to photograph... and they really speak for themselves, unless you cant see the Zoya one. It's supposed to look like an opal, and it does... super pretty! The only other this is Lush and Luxe is really goopy and thick... makes it hard to open and close the bottle.

Well if you have any questions about the individual polishes or anything else, ask me in the comments sections or shoot me an e-mail... I will TOTALLY answer you asap!

})i({ - Amy

PS: I dont know why I did this but picture of bottles are listed left to right but then reversed pinkie to thumb in the swatches... hmmm, silly me!

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