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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Revlon Coconut Crush

Ok, I love these scented polishes! Coconut Crush was a no brainer for me: I love coconut!

Even thought this looks pretty white, its actually off white. Its got just a bit of buttery color to it. This is three coats, they go on pretty thin and the formula is cuticle-flood prone so be careful! The coverage is much better than I thought when I was painting!

I did use a topcoat although maybe next time I wont because although a topcoat did not kill the smell, I bet it does dull it like it did with Raspberry Rapture. I LOVE THE SMELL OF THIS. When I smell this I am trasported back to Noosa Heads Beach. We used to rent a house on the canals for a week, canoe, swim, eat, and just relax. My favorite part was the beach (or the shopping) and there was a snow cone cart on the northeast side where I would get coconut snow cones everyday, the perfect treat in the heat. Le Sigh, this polish reminds me of how I want to go back now! For the rest of you without imagination it really smells like coconut conditioner... I guess. 
I'm ready for summer!

What polishes transport you away? Any that bring you to summer even on cold winter days like today?

})i({ -Amy


  1. Nice polish. I love whites, and I love coconut scent, too!!

    1. This was a nice one... the scent lasted all day and night... probably wouldve lasted longer but I cleaned it off this morning. These Revlon scents are pretty cool

  2. Oy vey. I am torn with scented polishes because I have such a weird issue with scents. I get headaches and get nauseated with the most random things so I am super cautious when I see stuff like this that is scented. The first time I tried Kleancolor polishes, I seriously almost threw up because something in them just did not agree with me. I am the worst!! Coconut seems fairly innocent but sweet scents also get to me. For that reason, I haven't tried any scented polishes and probably never will! lol Coconut Crush looks very bridal to me--it looks pretty!

  3. Ooh, I like that white color! Diva of Geneva from OPI makes me think of nights out with the girls :)