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Monday, January 21, 2013

Takko Lacquer Kiss The Sky

Ok, So I had wanted Takko Lacquer... any color, since I had seen swatches from Mei Mei's Instagram. For all of you unaware, sometimes you can get hard to find, hard to get, indie polishes from this site in Singapore... The prices are in $SGD and google can convert for you pretty easy. Shipping is relatively cheap, considering where its coming from. AND as I am writing this she has what appears to be the full Enchanted Polish Beatles collection and quite a few Takko Lacquers.

I didnt get this one from her though... This is Takko Lacquer's Kiss The Sky. I bought it during the last restock of 2012... when I say I bought it, I mean that I called my boyfriend every half hour on the day of the restock, from work, making sure he knew where to go and what to buy and what to buy in case what I wanted was sold out, and which was most important(this one), and explained all about cart jacking... and I still only got one from the restock: THIS ONE!!! Yippee. The other one I really wanted was Wanderlust... but he ended up feeling so bad (because despite all of my calls and warnings he forgot and got to the restock 10 minutes late!) that he bought me Kaleidoscope Eyes from Mei Mei. I will do a post of that later, it just got here yesterday!

I LOVE this color... I think the reason I had wanted it so badly is because it kind of looks like Max Factor Fantasy Fire in the bottle... That being said, If you have been lemming Clarins 230  you should go get it on Ebay (eek I know, I know, evilbay) HERE because that is the best price I have seen in forever...
I want to buy one for myself because, come on... its unicorn pee for fu**'s sake, but my grandma is super sick and I have spent all my moneys on a plane ticket back east... le sigh. That is actually the reason I painted my nails this color... it makes me really happy, what a pick me up! It is also the reason I haven't posted anything lately or shipped out any of the things I said I would (Cynthia, I am looking apologetically at you, I have a package here on my desk just yelling at me to get off my lazy behind! I'll post it before the week is through, PROMISE!)

This is three thick coats of squishy awesomeness. It does flash orange red and green but I suck at taking photos! I love the color, love the consitancy: it could be considered a bit thick... but I like the way it applies.This picture is less fantastic but shows that there is not so much VNL as my camera flash would have you believe! These are not the best pictures of this polish, you should google it... then sit in amazement of its glory, then go to Mei Mei's and buy it. This is a polish I will use again and again this year. LOVE IT!

What do you think? Like the color? Have you used Takko before? Whats your favorite color from them?

})i({ -Amy

...and sorry I rambled so much, I am just so scatter brained. I wasnt the closest with my grandmother but this whole situation is one big deja vu for when my father passed two and a half years ago. The same kind of phone call from my sister... when my father got sick and went to the hospital I refused to acknowledge that it was something major (he had been in and out of the hospital for years and in my mind was going to be around forever), so I didnt fly out when I should have and he had a stroke. He died while I was stuck between flights... and I never got to say goodbye. He called me just two weeks before that... but was so loopy from all his medications he probably didnt remember the call. He told me I didnt call enough and that he wished I lived closer and could see him more often... super sad stuff. So when my sis called and told me Meme (short for grand memere) was sick I felt like the universe gave me a do over. I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and I fly out next Sunday. The  good news is that she is feeling a bit better, I hope she will make a full recovery!


  1. SO GORGEOUS!!! OMG! I love it! I just wish it wasn't so expensive :(

    1. keep in mind, prices on mei mei's are in singapore dollars!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks love, sorry I didnt respond to your email when you got the package. I was really preoccupied.