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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Fishnet

So this morning I was supposed to get ready to go hang out with my brother Andrew... but I was reading nail blogs and losing track of time. I still hadnt done my nails yet and they were bare! I couldnt leave the house like that and I was in a hurry. I had just read Nailed It's post about wraps and it inspired me to put on OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Fishnet I had bought at Beauty Brands two weeks ago...

They were SUPER quick and easy to apply but I left the top protector on while I applied and then removed it to finish the tips.

I also used a topcoat when I was done... additionally, these pictures were taken after I came back from a busy day of activities.

They are a bit more iridescent then they look in the pictures... and a bit on the sheer side. I was very pleased with this experience.

They held up quite well through the Pompeii exhibit at the museum

 It was a very interesting exhibit, this is just some of what we saw.
This is my "baby" brother contemplating the mysteries of the universe as he is known to do on occasion. I bet he'd love to know that this made it to my blog!

Anywho, we went to the museum then to the mall then to a bunch of other places to just wander around... it was a busy day, and I bought tons of polish as per usual: Nails Inc Baker Street with the bling cap, Essence Out of my Mind, Essence Hypnotic Poison, and Zoya Arizona. The Essence were .49 cents each, Arizona was 4.99 and Baker's Street was 10... I got another wrap for 2 bucks (for another emergency) and some ornaments for next Christmas. Biggest plus of all? Boyfriend got me this sticker to put on my helmer... who will now be known as Helga (because "my helmer" sounds so impersonal for something so magnificent, and it makes her sound like a powerful beast of a lady).
HOW COOL IS THIS? I would love to think that applying polish may one day lead to super human powers... maybe like getting a batch of radioactive lacquer.

Anywho... what a busy day. I am so pumped full of energy and rearing to go, but I really need to be gearing down now. Goodnight all!

})i({ - Amy


  1. All that sounds super fun! I am a total museum nerd and would have loved the shit out of that exhibition! All of your polish finds sound pretty awesome! I am kind of torn when it comes to the nail strips/appliques because they seem like a waste for people like us who change our nail polish every 5 seconds. I did try them out on my toes and boy to they last. That sticker is super deluxe.

  2. yeah, I only ever have one set at a time in my stash... I will buy them when they are on super sale, I dont want to pay manicure prices for something that will be on my fingers for two days max! But this was handy to have, I was running so late and would NEVER leave the house with naked fingers!