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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Illamasqua Speckle

I HAD to buy this the other day at Sephora. I may even need to go back and buy all the colors! If I can restrain myself I'll only get Fragile and Mottle. I figured this was the least like anything else I've had since I dont have much in the pale purple department.

How awesome is that? I love the different sized spots. This is three coats but someone with enough skill could use two. It went on really nicely and you dont really need to adjust the glitter but you can really easily, the formula is thin without being "watery". It is a bit cuticle flood prone so be careful!

I thought this random low light shot might give you a better idea of color, its not as grey as the first shot made it out to be.

Have you seen these or any like it? I know Hard Candy and Deborah Lippmann have some out like these but I think their glitter is all the same size... this is better in my opinion. Plus it goes on smoother than the Hard Candy one looks like it does, but I am headed to Walmart to see if I can find them anyways... the price on those (HC) are super.

})i({ -Amy


  1. i nominated you for a blog award! check it out on this post

    and thank you for being an awesome blogger and inspiring me!

    1. WOW! Thank you! Im glad I could inspire someone!!!