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Thursday, March 14, 2013

NOPI Kim-pleatly In Love and Lush Laquer Clowning Around

UGGGHH! I am super sick today, on the plus side it was already one of my many days off of work (I get like 3, the store doesnt have enough hours for me to work... its really sad). This is the FIRST Nicole by OPI that I have ever bought... It was in the clearance bin at Ulta and it is the shade of pink I have been keeping an eye out for.

Plus it has blue shimmer in it! This is four coats though... makes for some thick nails. But the application is smooth, so there's a plus.

I had to buy Clowning Around after I saw it on Chalkboard Nails post about Hex Charms which I also had to buy some of... Actually this is the last polish I have bought. I am currently on a no buy... I am trying to save my monies so that I can pay off my credit card debt and possibly move out, things have not been going so well with the boyfriend.
I am going through so much crap with my grandmother passing, and then my mother and I getting into quite an argument, all to discover that I may not be very happy in my relationship either. Its been kind of a downer couple of months, my friend says I should go see someone about it, but I am not much of a sharer (this doesnt count because I dont know any of you!) On top of that my friend and I havent been seeing each other at all... I dont even remember the last time I saw her. She has a new boyfriend, who in my opinion isnt much of a winner, and she keeps blowing off our plans to go be with him. So I'm kinda floating here. I missed so much school when my Meme passed that I had to drop the semester because I couldnt keep up, I REALLY have nothing to do... except work. I like work (I guess). ANYWHO...

Enough of that! What do you think of Clowning around? Its pretty cute, it reminds me of something Jindie might put out.
GAHHHH I want some Jindie polish too!!! I have a list of polishes I want to buy as soon as my cards are paid off... but not all at once because that might defeat the purpose.

PLEASE let me live vicariously through you guys, what are some polishes that you have bought recently? Anything super exciting or that you have been lemming?

})i({ -Amy

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