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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pop Beauty Loud Lime

I love love love green... but its not my favorite polish to buy for whatever reason... it looks decent on me, but i just never buy it. Hmmmmm. So I forced myself to pick this up the other day at Ulta.

This is Loud Lime. I like some of the colors that Pop puts out, they aren't the most unique but I thought this one was different from others I have. It looks like it should glow in the dark, but it doesnt... le sigh

By the way, I hate the way this applied, this is three coats of imperfection all around... yuck, it needed a ridge filler I'm sure, but it was also thick and just uneven all around. Hopefully some thinner will fix this bad boy.
Either way, I have been pretty bored with plain nail polish lately... I have been dying to replicate some images from a tokidoki eye shadow brush box that I got for Christmas... Here we go

HEHE, bullet with an eyepatch and a diamond with a bad attitude!!! TOO CUTE!

I used a grey shimmery The New Black polish for the light grey and China Glaze Recycle for the dark grey on the bullet, and Butter London Diamond Geezer for the Diamond. Then I used my Sally Hansen nail art pen in Black to do all the outlining. Those pens sure make it easy to draw. I like the way they came out! Too back I cant do it on my left hand, oh well!

Have you ever tried Pop Beauty before? What do you think?

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