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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Butter London Two Fingered Salute

So today I painted my nails at work... It needed to be done! I bought Butter London's Two Fingered Salute a little bit ago, but hadn't tried it out yet. I ADORE the way it looks in the bottle, it jumped out and screamed at me from Nordstrom's display.
Its SO purdy! I thought it looked like tarnished copper. It's basically a grayish mint green base with flecks of what looks like copper shimmer in it (but is actually copper micro glitter... only learned that after I tried to get it off). You can kinda see it in the picture.
(Flash on)
After putting it on my fingers I wasn't so sure about it. Its not a green I would normally wear and the coppery shimmer is hard to see on the nails.  

(Flash off)
I was a little upset after shoving my hand into my boyfriend's face so he could see how pretty this polish is (will I have to do that to everyone?)

I want to be able to notice the beauty of this polish, and my boyfriend suggested that the copper would "pop" if I used a copper for tips (how helpful, boyfriend!) So I looked online for some copper polish and came across some that I thought would work. Essie's Penny Talk looked pink enough but after reading a few blogs, some people had said it was a little more on the brown side and I am looking for a pinker copper. I found Revlon's Copper Penny on Amazon Prime for $2.99 so I bought it anyways... but then I'm still looking at Butter London's Old Bill (maybe since they made the Salute their coppers would be the same... but I'm not sure), also Elf Polish 1576 Copper but I can't find any swatches of it... we'll see how the Revlon looks and go from there.
When I get the copper I'll paint my nails again and see if it looks any better!

})i({  -Amy

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