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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Butter London Two Fingered Salute REVISITED

So this is a super short one I was supposed to post a week or two ago... I have had a hectic time lately, midterms, new employee, and a southern vacation.
I swatched Two Fingered Salute two posts ago and was unimpressed. My boyfriend's  solution? Apply a copper colored tip to enhance the subtle copper tones in the polish. Well after much debate I went with the cheapest option because it was an Amazon Prime item and I'd get it in two days... Revlon's Copper Penny is o.k. It looks very rosey in the bottle and looks kinda rosey on the nails but in some light it looks pretty gold. It applies very well, goes on smooth, coats evenly, and doesn't streak much (but keep in mind all I've used it for have been tips.)

I think if I found a shade of copper that I liked better then this mani would work. It highlighted the copper in Salute pretty well. Good idea boyfriend!

Let me know if you liked this idea, what else you would have done to Salute to make it pop and what other kinds of copper polish you like better!

})i({  -Amy

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