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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Urban Outfitters Polish Tiny Shorts

I went to urban outfitters on Saturday because of The PolishAholic's post on Friday about Ruby Wing's Color Changing Polish. While I was there I bought Ruby Wing's Eclipse (when I really wanted Moonstone.) But I also bought two Urban Outfitters colors (they were having a special, buy two for $8 instead of $10), I got Tiny Shorts and Bandeau (the second one is a BRIGHT intense purple.)

Tiny Shorts is fluro orange. SUPER bright! I know it's a little late in the year for neons but I LOVE THEM!!!! I could wear them all year... le sigh.
The polish went on thick and blotchy but I wanted to keep it thin (so it would dry someday!) and my thin blotchy coats evened out after 3. Then it dried really weird, almost matte but more... dull.

So Iused my Seche Vite top coat (anyone know how to pronounce that?) It fixed the dullness and smoothed everything out. I figured I could still get away with this for Halloween or something, but otherwise a very summer color. In the pictures its such a bright red orange, in life its more of a true neon... and a little more yellow. It's FAB either way.

I hoped if I took a picture outside it would show the color better... kinda but nowhere close to its true glory; the thumb is close, I will be going back to this a lot (probably all year to brighten up my winter!)

There is total VNL but that doesnt really bother me at all... just figured for summa you guys out there it would be a bust...

ah well

What do you think? Whats your favorite neons? Any better oranges? What would you do with this color in a full mani? Let me know!

})i({  - Amy

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  1. Hi super random, but do you know where I can buy this nail polish? I've had the same tiny shorts orange from urban outfitters and it's almost out and it's my favorite color! They're website doesn't have this color anymore and I haven't seen it on Amazon or Ebay. Help!!