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Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello There!

So this is my first blog... there isn't much here yet and I don't really know how to start. I just got into doing my nails about two or three months ago when I had seen a nautical inspired nail design on Pinterest. 
So I went to Ulta and bought three or four of the cheapest nail polishes I could find in the right colors, then went to try it out on my co-worker. I chickened out and ended up painting stripes with little hearts because I had also seen that on pinterest.
... it looks horrible! I used scotch tape to make the lines and the white I bought was so terrible that it didn't coat evenly... but we had SO much fun. So I started doing her nails at work a lot. I was getting into it when we decided to split an Amazon prime purchase of 42 nail art polishes (with the thin little brushes.) Then things started to get crazy!

Eww, right?
Well things have gotten better from there, I guess my next post (probably tomorrow) will just be photos of everything I have done up to now because I just want to start chronicling what I do. The most interesting design stuff I do for my friends because I am a hardcore righty and can't paint those nails... le sigh. But that means that I want nice beautiful, quality polish for my own fingers. I have bought some glitters (Deborah Lippmann!!!) and some holos and other things (because I can't paint little anchors on my own nails.) My collection is getting diverse.

So far I have a random collection of brands:
Pixel (Cheap)
Art Deco (Thin art brushes)
Sally Hansen (BORING!)
Opi (What a given in any collection)
China Glaze
Piggy Polish
Butter London (Bought my first four at an Ulta bogo sale)
Deborah Lippmann
Zoya (So far my favorite for smooth application)
Cult Nails (My newest edition)
Julep (Got four in a mystery box purchase)
ManGlaze (Love those matte finishes)
Color Club (My first one came out of my bestie's Birch box)
Nfu Oh (Just ordered moments ago, hasn't even shipped yet)

I tend to research a lot before buying. I love finding out about new brands on random blogs. I guess that is my real reason behind this blog; I want to tell people about the purchases I have made so they can make better informed decisions. There's nothing worse than buying a dud polish.

})i({   -Amy

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