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Monday, October 22, 2012

The New Black Runway Color Barometer, Midnight Blue and Horchata Cream


I had seen this brand at Nordstroms a few times and totally ignored it because it seemed a little pretentious to call your brand the "new black". Then I was on Groupon and saw a special for the Barometer set of The New Black polish for $16 and I had a $15 dollar credit, so I bought it and paid a dollar and then shipping. I am SO glad that I did because this has to be the best formula I have ever used!!! 

This is Midnight Blue and Horchata Cream (and a tiny spot of Electric Banana.) I was going to do the spots and flowers on all the fingers with inverted colors but the blue was so rich, smooth and glossy that I couldnt bring myself to mess with it. I liked how this mani came out.

I even coordinated my outfit to go with it! Navy cords and cream toned top with navy stripes!

The problems with this polish:
First, I was so enamored that I went to Nordstorms to buy a ton of it! They had changed the whole layout of the beauty section of the store and when I asked for "The New Black" no one knew what I was talking about, they tried to sell me Butter London and Mac and Essie's black polish... URGHHH!!!! Not black colored polish, the BRAND NAME. They looked at me like I was an idiot, and I felt like one! So I gave up, it was infuriating.
Second, the bottles are super tiny. SUPER TINY like .125 fl oz each. On the upside they are like $4.50 a piece (but as far as I can tell, you can only buy them in sets.)
BUT if you come across this brand: BUY IT!!! Just do it, you'll love the smooth application and the rich color tones.

Have you tried this brand before? What did you think, yay or nay? Any similar polishes you've come across (no seriously, you must tell me if there are more polishes out there like this!)

})i({ -Amy

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