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Monday, October 29, 2012

Zoya Toni and OPI The Living Daylights, feat. The New Black Navy

This is my quintessential fall mani! Before a couple weeks ago I didn't have very many fall colors. I mentioned a couple posts back about buying some new Zoya and this is one of them. The color is a rich deep burgundy and as usual for Zoya, the application was really smooth. This is a great color for fall and would be good in an understated Christmas mani, (which I'm totally going to do!)
For this mani I used my new Zoya Toni and The New Black navy color. (As a side, TNB doesnt name their colors, so I dont know why groupon had names for the ones in the runway series. From now on I will just describe their colors instead of naming them!) I also bought a new glitter! I dont use much glitter, I hate removing it and I dont really want to soak my fingers in acetone to get it off easily... that being said, I did pick up a glitter when I went to check out the new OPI Skyfall collection. To be perfectly honest I went to check out The Man With The Golden Gun specifically, and after clutching the last one to my bosom and wandering around Ulta for an hour I decided to put it back... It wasn't worth it in my opinion. But I did pick up The Living Daylights and Live And Let Die (along with some other stuff, lets face it I have a bit of a nail polish problem.)
I like the way this mani came out. The Living Daylights is a really good fall glitter. It has copper, gold, silver and teal hexagonal glitters, so they go with most fall colors. It goes on really concentrated too, shown is one coat!
Please excuse the messy cuticles!

I couldnt decide what the best camera shot was, but I have the better camera back, so there's a plus.

These colors are great for fall! Do you have any favorite glitters you use in the fall? Or do you have any favorite fall colors? By the way, what is a good fall orange color? That is what I'm really after!
Let me know what you thought!

})i({  -Amy

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