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Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo Dump

I dont know what the deal with blogger is, but it doesnt like the files from my camera's sd card and almost always rotates them weird. It can be a big hassle to post pictures sometimes. Anyways, I have a couple of photos that I wanted to post but didnt really want to do individual blog posts for. 

Lets start with this ADORABLE fox! I found these socks at Target and had to have them. When I went home to stare lovingly at them I realized I could paint it on a nail. So I did... with different colors, and better proportions.

Isnt he precious??? The base color is Essie's Chinchilly. I have been looking for a tan colored polish for forever... and when I was at Target (same trip as the socks) I found nothing close to what I wanted but did find an Essie mini set with Chinchilly and Forever Yummy with a glass nail file. I have ventured a bit off topic, basically the color I was really searching for was probably Essie's Case Study which I found at Marshall's and I bought the mini set from Target because I have been having a really hard time finding a glass file... PHEW!

... and this is what my sweet baby Bandit was doing during all of that! All curled up in my expensive shearling coat... oh well!

This is OPI's Houston We Have a Purple, which isnt purple but in fact a superb raspberry jelly!

This is me being bored and screwing around with dotting tools that I promptly broke and then replaced... I dont even know what the base is.

This is Enchanted's Ciao Milano, Its amazing... I'm wearing in now as I type even though these pictures were taken 5 mani's ago. I was experimenting with bases, mostly dark or similar colors, like black, OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark, Essence's Chic Reloaded and Orly's Royal Velvet. I think it's best over black, but you all probably knew that!

Anywho, that was my photo dump... hope you enjoyed!

})i({ -Amy

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