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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twelve Nails of Christmas: Day 10

YIPPEE I bought new green polish!!! If you've ever read my "About Me" you will know that I love bottles... so I went to the mall to help a friend buy her sister a present for Christmas. I asked "what kind of stuff does your sister like?" She told me think of a gay male gangster... and I thought of Hot Topic! I havent been in Hot Topic since I was in High School and was really kind of looking for an excuse to see what it was all about... LOOK WHAT I FOUND THERE!!!

How adorable are these little bottles??? I have never heard of this brand Black Heart Beauty and dont even know if I like the polish but I love the colors and the fact that they are in little skulls, and $5 a piece! So for my Christmas mani I used that green, its called Jealous Type, and Essie Forever Yummy.

 I also used my stripers... cus thats about all I use for nail art. I got the stars from Wet and Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame and the multi colored hex glitters from American Apparel Galaxy and the tops of the ornaments are small studs. This was a pretty easy mani... other than fishing the glitters out.

This is probably one of my favorites... but since I cant paint my right hand like that I had to wipe it clean :( so sad. Its times like these I wish I had a room mate, ooooh I would paint her nails so hard! Oh well.
SO: Jealous Type was about what you would expect from a jelly... poor first coat application, cleared up by a second coat... but the color is pretty damn cool! Forever Yummy is a dream, like I have said before.

What do your Christmas nails look like? If I get any emails with pictures I want to post them on a "day after Christmas" post.

})i({ -Amy


  1. Thanks for the reminder that Hot Topic sells polishes! I get my Torrid employee discount at Hot Topic too, woot! Cute bottles and pretty colors. And your festive mani is awesome!

    1. Well thank you! They are only like 5 bucks so I bet they would be super affordable after a discount... plus how can you pass up skull bottles, right??? They had so many colors. I cant wait to try the 3 stacked colors one... I assume it will look like a marble-y swirly thing, maybe, hopefully. *fingers crossed*

  2. Ooh, awesome! Can't wait to see that one! :)