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Friday, December 21, 2012

Twelve Nails of Christmas: Day 9

So I am really over these dark Christmas colors... today's nail is fluro: NEON CHRISTMAS!!! (I have to make this exciting or I will give up, I am so over doing Christmas nails!)

This was really hard to capture with the camera... I used Urban Outfitters Neon Red and Illamasqua Nurture with Sephora by OPI  nail design pens in Inked in Pink and Read Between the Lines. I drew little Christmas trees and presents.

The pens were easy to use... no different from Sally Hansens, but I picked them up at TJ Maxx for 3.99 a piece. I bought the pink and green, and also a blue called Graffiti Girl Blues, and a purple called Connect the Dots... so expect more of these drawn on designs sometime.

This doesnt scream Christmas, but like I said... Im sick of Christmas nails already. I cant wait to do the one I have planned for Christmas day, but other than that, I know theres only 2 others, BUT JEEZ how many of these do I have to do? 12? oh yeah, right. I guess I should stop whining, that's not that many...

What do your Christmas nails look like? If I get any emails with pictures I want to post them on a "day after Christmas" post.

})i({ -Amy

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