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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Color Club Neons and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

So when I bought my mystery color club set a while back there was an interesting fluro yellow in the mix. I wanted to try it out and as "luck" has it my nails all broke when I fell down the stairs and I had to cut them all short; neon polish looks better on short nails in my opinion. However, the application was poor and streaky... the color was great but the polish was disappointing even after five coats. It was just thin, nothing wrong with the consistency but it just didnt work. So I used some of the mint and blue from the set and sponged them on. Then I used a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black to draw some designs on then used some small black flower rhinestones as decoration.

I had planned to remove the polish because I didnt like the yellow, so at this point I was just experimenting. I havent really done a good sponge application and this was the first time I was using the pen.
The pen was weird. It was a bit messy in the beginning, I dont really know how I ended up with black ink all over my arm. It was really watery but very pigmented. I made the mistake of topcoating my colors before using the pen which resulted in pooling of the designs. I smartened up on the next hand and the pooling didnt happen as much. When I say pooling, think of trying to use water colors on glass. It was very effective and I may buy more of these pens to do some intricate drawings!
The rhinestones were a bit of fun. I bought a clearance set from the kids section at TJMaxx because there was a wheel of colored rhinestone flowers and some shitty polish for three bucks!!! I may pour some glitters into the polishes or something, they seem thin enough. But the stones were a find in my opinion!

Have you used the Sally Hansen Art Pens before? What are some designs you have done?

})i({ -Amy

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