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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

KleanColor Blue Maniacs Set

I bought my first Kleancolors last night, I had only heard of Chunky Holo Purple before and I found the Kolor Revolution Set at Ross after I went to vote. There were a bunch of other sets too and they were all $4 bucks. I bought Kolor Revolution and Blue Maniacs. I have been looking at blue polishes lately and thought the colors would make a good ombre nail (like The New Black sets). The Kleancolor set came with six polishes but I used these five:
From the left: Lake Mist, Shining Sea, Kawaii Stuff, Cobalt, Peacock-a-boo. The formula is ok and the ingredient list is free of the big 3... so there's a win, but they smell terrible! The brushes are kinda stumpy so it makes for semi-difficult application and the polishes dry a bit dull. All that said, these colors are great!!! 
I put Lake Mist, a light blue shimmer, on the pinky. The ring finger has Shining Sea, which looked like a glitter in the bottle, but is more of a glass fleck. Kawaii Stuff is on the middle and it looks much darker than in the bottle, but I like that better; it is a rich blue cream. On the pointer is Cobalt. It is a rich deep blue shimmer, very intense (after top coat). On the thumb is Peacock-a-boo. I have no idea what this name means. Its not a peacock color, it isnt duo-chrome, and it doesnt have any peacock characteristics... Its beautiful though! These are two coats of each (sorry about the middle, I didnt do any cuticle clean up).

I'm not a huge fan of pastel colors, so Lake Mist isnt my fave. But I love the turquoise sparkly Shining Sea! Kawaii Stuff will be good in spring/summer, its as pale "pastel" as I'd like, meaning not pastel at all. Cobalt will be a regular, it's got a great saturated color, very good shimmer, and it's just electric in the right light. Peacock-a-boo is an intense navy color. I wouldnt call it a shimmer, more of a foil speckle kind of thing, its a great blue for fall so I will probably use it again before the season is over.

(By the way, I mentioned that the set came with six polishes, but I obviously only have five fingers... I left out Blue Pearl. Its very similar to Lake Mist but slightly different shades, Pearl is a bit more shimmery and slightly more periwinkle. I imagine it will come out a bit darker than it is in the bottle like Kawaii Stuff did.)

I liked the Kleancolor polishes... They go on well and have some great colors. The price was right, so that's always a win. What do you think? Have you used this brand before? Do you have a favorite Kleancolor color?

})i({ - Amy

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