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Friday, November 2, 2012

Photo Dump!

So I got some pictures from two of you out there of your Halloween nails!
I really liked the spider webs and the little pumpkin! Also need to say WOW, you can write with your left hand!!! Good job, I really wish I couldve done something like this with hand painted designs, but there would have been such discord between my left and right hand. Great Nails!

I love your back drop!!!What green base did you use under the shatter polish? I love the colors!

So I went to my bestie's house last night and she made me dinner (stuffed pepper soup!) So YUMMY! As thanks and for a bit of girl time I decided to do her and her mother's nails. 
I re-attempted gradient dots... these didnt come out as good as the first time but she liked the color scheme more.
Maybe if I had kept the dots closer together...? Anywho, it China Glaze For Audrey Base with Butter London Slapper and Urban Outfitters Bandeau spots

So then I did her mum's nails. China Glaze Recycle base with CND Silver Chrome tips, also not the first time I've done these nails. To add a bit of pizzazz I put a little grey rhinestone on the ring fingers. These came out pretty snazzy and elegant.

The other day I was at Michael's next to the Ulta near my house (I went to Ulta for polish and then to Michael's for nail accents, it works so well for me!)
I found flocking powder which I was inspired to use from Pixel's Blog. I even used the same color scheme but wasnt game to try spots. It worked pretty well and I liked the finish a lot, it was super soft! My only problem was not pushing down hard enough and the powder ended up coming off in spots. I will have to attempt this again though. Fun finish... Kinda like Ciate's velvet manicure.

Also I bought this awesome Essence polish called Chic Reloaded. I love it!!! It is a duo-chrome purple green in a dark gray base. I have had it on for THREE DAYS!!!! I cant take it off (also because I'm expecting a package with Enchanted's Ciao Milano and I think this might be a good base.) Either way, I love it!

 I'm going to end my photo dump there. I must get ready for work, I'm already running late.... and that's where I shipped my package from Llarowe. I cant wait to put on my first Enchanted polish! I'll probably post pictures tonight!!!

As always, I would love to know what you think, what your favorites are, and any advice on how to make my posts a bit better. (I know I should be using the good camera and also working on the quality of my nails and cuticles.... sorry!)
And I would love to get some followers!

})i({ -Amy 

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