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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orly Rock-It

Yippee! I got a great deal!!! I think I like bargain hunting more than the nail polish itself, but lucky for me this one was a beauty! I went to Marshalls by my work and found some fabulous deals, I saw the Color Club Blossoming Collection (which Lacquered Lover swatched) for $10 bucks.... but I didnt buy it. I didnt really like the colors but who knows, I may go back for it...
But the one that did follow me home was Orly's Rock-On. It's a really beautiful candy apple red with a glass fleck finish. It is also slightly duo-chrome from pink, red, to orange. It's SO lovely that even though I had bought it on my lunch break... I still had to try it out.

So here it is over the top of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (because that's what I was wearing and I didnt have polish remover).

But here it is on its own and with a top coat (Seche Vite... I would say of course, but it seems that many of you polish bloggers out there are leaning away from SV... What are the alternatives? and why isn't it your favorite anymore?)
It's not really what I would have gone out searching for... I'm not big into red. But I really like it and I think I really liked it over a dark color. I'm not sure how I'll wear this in the future... maybe with some black stamping over the top... or something. Either way, the formula is really smooth and would've been fine with two coats, but I used three. It is rich, deep, and sparkly (and not really duo-chrome on the nail). It'll be great at the holidays!

So what do you think? Any dupes out there?

})i({ -Amy

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