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Monday, November 26, 2012

Nfu Oh 51 Vs Layla Ceramic Effect The Butterfly Effect

So I was at Ulta poking around in the nail polish and on the bottom shelf of a woe-begotten fixture in the back of the store there was a small display of Layla's Ceramic Effects. The Ulta I go to doesn't highlight Layla very much; when I wanted one of the Hologram Effect polishes all of the people there said they didnt even carry Layla (but I had seen it a week before and just wanted to know where they moved it to!) When I saw The Butterfly Effect I lost my shit. I bought it because I wanted to do a comparison with Nfu 51 so badly... I didnt even realize it was 14 bucks (but thats ok cus I paid almost 30 to get my Nfu.)

Ok, here we go. Layla's formula is a bit thicker, BUT THAT MEANS IT GOES ON MORE OPAQUE!!! You can kinda see it in the picture with each polish at three coats. Layla has more flakies but Nfu has more pink shimmer.

Both are a similar color too; they have that shift from pink to purple to blue. 

Overall I like Nfu's smooth formula better but if I could go back in time I would probably get Layla's instead; it was cheaper for me, it goes on thicker, and I like the abundance of flakies. Is it an exact dupe? No, but it's pretty damn close.

What do you think? I have heard there's another dupe for 51, does someone know what its called, and where I can get it? 

})i({ - Amy

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