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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Dump

Another photo dump for you all, (im sure youre thrilled!!!)
I change my polish at least every other day, but sometimes it doesnt seem spectacular enough for its own post... or I dont have enough time.

This is Zoya Evvie with Glitter Gal's Silver Holorgraphic over the top, two coats each. I really love the Glitter Gal holo formula. Its packed full of holo.

These are my Bestie's nails!!! I love to paint other people's nails because it I can be more creative. I used hole reinforcements to paint a super thick tip then a dab of a lighter color for the belly and then China Glaze's Lux and Lush for the belly glitter, then a dotting tool in two sizes to make eyes and a striper for the beak.

This is my first Hare Polish... It deserves its own post but I didnt take notes on the polish when I put it on. It got a lot of attention at school. It's gorgeous think black with green glitter. I used a layer of Supernova Springs, then a layer of Liquid Leather (CG) then another coat of Supernova... almost like a jelly sandwich. 

For this mani I used the shimmery orange from my Color Barometer set (TNB) and then OPI's gold shatter and Essie's Matte About You... I like matte finishes but they dont last a full day for me, the matte polishes shiny by mid day.

I did this mani for a friend from school. She loves bright colors so I used a new Pixi polish I picked up in Vivid Coral. Its super close to Color Club's Jackie Oh! but a bit more orange tinged. Close enough that I shouldnt have them both... The consistency is good and application was easy. I used a striper for the rest of it.

Last but not least I bought this Color Club set at Ross and have no idea what the colors are, they should label their sets... its super irritating, le sigh. I cant be too sad because I picked it up for $4.99 since the price wasnt marked and there werent any others... I told them it was super similar to some other set with similar colors... but it was some brand I had never heard of and they didnt look as nice. Either way, I almost felt like I stole the set!!! I would REALLY like to know what the colors are called, I wore the purple one (which is a bit more purple than Zoya Charisma) and I received so many compliments at work. The pink isnt Jackie OH, its much darker and a bit more blue if that makes any since and the light robin's egg color is more mint green (but less pastel) than China Glaze's For Audrey. SOMEONE HELP!!!

Let me know what you think of the mani's and colors... Definitely let me know if you can identify the Color Club set. Thank you!!!

})i({ - Amy

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