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Monday, November 12, 2012

Wet n Wild Fergie Collection Hollywood Walk of Fame

I have been looking for a star shaped glitter for forever. When I see start glitter at the Michael's I always think I should buy it and put it on my nails... but they always come on gigantic packs with a bunch of other glitter in it and all I wanted are the stars. So when I was at Walmart and saw the Wet n Wild display, I was going to pass it by. First, I don't really like Wet n Wild (I dont have a particular reason and honestly don't own any prior to this one... I guess its just some sort of stigma) and second I dont really like Fergie... but those are just biases. When I saw Hollywood Walk of Fame I about peed my pants, I was so excited for stars!

I painted it over my Kleancolor Cobalt (BEAUTIFUL COLOR). It is just as you would expect from a chunky glitter, except when you dip the brush in it comes out with a ton of the stars... but also a ton of the clear base. I had to work a bit to get some of the stars out and positioned but not more than I thought I would have to.

It was a little harder to photograph than I thought it would be. I wanted to get it to show all the colors of stars: Gold, Silver, Blue, Purple and Red. But there are also small holo silver bar glitter and holo silver micro glitter in the bottle.

I did cheat... I was fed up trying to fish out the big glitter and didnt get much of the smaller glitter so I layered China Glaze's Techno over the top of it all... and I ended up getting some of those medium hex glitters on there, le sigh.
Either way I love this glitter, my only star glitter!

Do you have any favorite big glitter shapes? Are there any better star glitter that you know of (please?) What other color might go well under this glitter?
Let me know!

})i({ -Amy

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