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Sunday, November 18, 2012

KleanColor Chunky Holo Black

OMG, so I was reading the color names of some of my polishes because I found out that the new Color Club set I bought from Ross was unlabeled: the box the colors, NOTHING! I came across the new KleanColor polishes I bought the other day from Ross and checked them out. Then I noticed that one of the glitters from the Kolor Revolution set was called Chunky Holo Black... but the color was like a burgundy jelly. So I got the idea to layer this glitter over black. I used my favorite black: China Glaze Liquid Leather. Its my fave because even though it goes on a bit streaky and jelly like, it is opaque after two coats and just like vinyl; its so glossy and black. Then I layered on the Chunky Holo Black...

Isnt this just divine ?? I really like the way this glitter looks, it has small, medium, and large hex glitters. The glitters are holographic without being silver or mirror-y and they changed from orange to green to blue and purple. I may need a full bottle of this baby instead of the puny .17fl oz bottle.

The polish goes on well, this is two thin coats. You dont have to fish around for the larger glitters, they dont come out heavily but the effect is just right. It does smell a bit and the brush it a bit fluffy if that makes any sense, but application is not bad at all.

I keep saying that I'm not really into glitter, but I super love this!

Do you have any polishes with the three hex sizes? It was a real surprise to me when I saw it come off the brush cuz you dont really see them in the bottle...

})i({ -Amy

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